About Us

Hey, I am Ritesh Sankla, an SEO expert, a technophile, and a decent boy from the heart of India, Delhi.

Am a solo traveler who loves exploring almost everything possible. Especially places and human nature. But most of all, being an ambivert plus an overthinker, I need space for myself. You can say a solo date! 

For a long time, I struggled with the unwanted random noises from the environment, which made me sick of them. Every time I wanted peace, I had to go far away from my place. This made me think of ways in which I wouldn’t need to go away from home. 

In this way, I started exploring ways to soundproof almost everything near me. To get the best experience with myself. Starting from my room to, bathroom, kitchen, dorms, basement, and whatever I could think of… 

As this journey of soundproofing continued I realized that many people like me are fed up with these noises. They also desire some quality time with their family, friends, and themselves. 

Like me, you also want to take a break from this hectic never ending journey and want to explore your inner self, right?

I understand how you feel and what your thoughts are. Already puzzled, can’t get enough of holidays, want privacy and most of all Peace, Inner Peace! 

To get it, the best way is to soundproof your surroundings. On this website, I’ve mentioned almost everything you wish to soundproof, with the most amazing, affordable, and easy-to-set-up solutions.

All these blogs have been written with 6 years of research and experiments. So you can rest assured that whatever you are reading is verified by me and 200+ people’s experiences.

Let’s make things peaceful now!


Ritesh Sankla