19 Creative and Stylish Trofast Ikea Hacks for Any Room

The Ikea Trofast storage system is a hugely popular option for adding organized storage around the home. With its simple cubed design in white, black or beech wood, Trofast components can be configured into shelving units, drawers, toy boxes, craft stations – you name it!

While the basic Trofast pieces look crisp and clean, the plain styling may not suit every home’s unique aesthetic. Have no fear! With some imagination and DIY spirit, the versatile Trofast series can be customized into storage solutions with any look and feel to match your taste.

Read on for 20 brilliant Trofast Ikea hacks that transform the budget-friendly system into customized organizational systems full of colour, texture and flair.

Fun Toy Storage Hacks for Kids’ Rooms

The simple Trofast cubes and bins make the perfect foundation for creating cute toy storage kids will love. Dress up the cubes with bright colours, hang them on a wall for a toy garage, or make dollhouse-inspired cubbies.

1. Wall Mounted Toy Garage

Wall Mounted Toy Garage

Convert plain Trofast cubes into a parking garage for toy cars or stuffed animals. Paint or wallpaper the backs of the cubes to look like building interiors then securely mount them in a grid on the wall. Leave some cubes open for quick access or add clear plastic bins inside to corral smaller toys.

This colorful Trofast Ikea hack only requires some decorative paper, glue and mounting hardware to keep toys neatly parked.

2. Pastel Custom Dollhouse Cubbies

2. Pastel Custom Dollhouse Cubbies

For the doll-lovers, customize Trofast into a darling dollhouse storage station. Use pastel paint or contact paper to cover the outside of the cubes and bins. Attach side-by-side on a wall with moulding trim above the rows to resemble a mini-dollhouse. Add doll-sized hooks, curtains or decorative paper inside the cubbies to store tiny toy accessories. The soft colors and details make this hack ikea trofast idea sweet and stylish.

3. Vintage Toy Box Storage

 Vintage Toy Box Storage

Give toys a home inside Trofast cubes transformed into vintage crates. Paint or decoupage the cubes and fronts of bins to mimic old wood crates and attach vintage-style labels. The faux-worn look suits a shabby chic kid’s room or adds antique charm to a nursery. Leave some cubes open while covering others with mesh curtains to keep tiny toys from escaping.

Crafty Trofast Storage Hacks for Craft Rooms

TheTrofast system works wonderfully as starter storage for craft supplies and tools. Build on the simple framework with colorful paint, pretty contact paper or custom labels to keep your hobby supplies organized in style.

4. Rainbow Yarn Storage

Rainbow Yarn Storage

Add a cheery pop of color to your craft room with a bold rainbow yarn station made from Trofast components. Paint each cube or bin a different vibrant hue like red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Attach them side-by-side on a wall with coordinating brackets. Add handmade yarn bowl labels for a cute finishing touch. This simple decor makeover takes the Trofast from plain to playful.

5. Custom Ribbon Organizers

Custom Ribbon Organizers

Crafters with large ribbon collections can customize Trofast into perfect ribbon storage. Use contact paper or scrapbook paper to cover the outside of bins, boxes and cubbies for a more refined look than plain white. Include labels to easily identify ribbon types and sizes. For even easier access, attach bins to the wall with hinges to flip open like mini doors. This Ikea trofast storage hack keeps yards of ribbons neatly organized and easily accessible.

6. Glittery Craft Supply Storage

Glittery Craft Supply Storage

Add whimsy and magic to craft storage with an enchanting glitter and jewel embellished trofast. Paint cubes and bins with acrylic paints in light metallic sheens of silver, gold, copper or champagne. Brush the wet paint with coarse glitter or sand for a shimmery textured finish. Decorate the fronts of boxes with gems, crystals or glittery appliques in matching colors. This sparkly storage hack helps corral art supplies in a very glam way.

Office and Paperwork Trofast Hacks

With some DIY panache, the budget-friendly Trofast becomes customized office storage that looks far more expensive than its price tag. Build up office organizational systems with style using these polished Trofast ideas.

7. Farmhouse Style File Cabinet

Farmhouse Style File Cabinet

Convert plain jane Trofast cubes into farmhouse chic file storage for bills, paperwork and files. Paint or wood-stain the cubes and cover fronts of bins with burlap. Add brass knobs for drawer pulls and trim with molding stained to match. Style the top with a lovely plant to contrast against the wood tones. This easy makeover transforms ho-hum office storage into charming shabby-chic solutions for paperwork and files.

8. Midcentury Modern Desk Organizers

 Midcentury Modern Desk Organizers

Play up the clean lines of the Trofast series with a mod-inspired desk organizer makeover. Paint cubes and bins in retro shades like seafoam green, pale yellow or pink. Replace standard plastic bin fronts with wooden fronts in a contrasting tone. Adhere decorative paper or contact paper printed with geometric mid century patterns. The updated vintage vibe makes the budget pieces look bright, hip and distinctive.

9. Boho Office Storage

Boho Office Storage

Bring free-spirited bohemian style to office storage with an earthy ombre paint makeover. Use graduated hues from light to dark in warm tones like sand, terracotta and chocolate. Replace standard hardware with leather tie handles. Decorate the fronts of bins and boxes with eclectic boho details like embroidered fabric, fringe trim, giant tassel pulls or floral designs. The creative touches customize Trofast into storage that feels laid-back and lovely.

Garage & Utility Storage Hacks

The sturdy Trofast components are ideal for garage and basement storage too. Dress them up with paint or decals so utility storage looks great while keeping tools handy and organized.

10. Industrial Style Tool Chest

 Industrial Style Tool Chest

Transform a set of Trofast cubes into an urban industrial tool chest for the garage. Start with a coat of gray primer paint. Then tape off squares and rectangles to look like panels and spray paint with light metallic spray paints. Remove tape then paint edges black for bold definition. Add custom tool decals or logos on the fronts and sides for authentic factory flair. Top off with a tray top for portable storage.

11. Custom Garden Tool Organizer

 Custom Garden Tool Organizer

Whip messy tools into shape with this customized garden tool cube storage station. Stencil or free-hand paint tool silhouettes – like trowels, rakes or pruning shears – onto the sides of cubes in dark green, black or brown. Use permanent vinyl sheets to cover bin fronts with realistic faux metal or weathered wood prints. The outdoorsy imagery dresses up the cubes so garden tools have functional organized storage in the garage or shed.

More Unique Trofast Storage Hacks

Beyond the office and kids rooms, Trofast components provide awesome versatile storage all over the house. Make these unique furniture hacks to put that versatility to stylish use!

12. Modern Pet Food Station

Modern Pet Food Station

Pets need organized dining areas too! Elevate pet feeding time by transforming basic Trofast into a modern light wood finished feeding station. To get the clean two-tone look, start by spray painting cubes and bins white. Then adhere light brown woodgrain contact paper onto the sides and fronts. If needed, trim excess paper at edges with an exacto for a seamless wrap. Complete the modern makeover by adding brushed nickel handles and pet food container labels.

13. Scandinavian Style TV Console

The minimalist style and neutral tones of the Trofast series provide the perfect base for a Scandinavian inspired media center. To customize, paint the cubes and shelves white and fronts of bins black for dramatic contrast. Adhere black leather or wood grain contact paper onto the fronts for texture. Arrange components around the TV, adding weathered wood accents and greenery for an organic modern feel. This easy DIY Trofast hack builds a budget media console with Nordic styling and charming warmth.

13. Eclectic Bathroom Storage

Eclectic Bathroom Storage

Add a dose of character to boring bathroom storage with help from the versatile Trofast series. Paint cubes, bins and shelves a crisp white. Then use permanent vinyls or contact paper to cover fronts and sides with prints that catch the eye like bold geometric patterns, Moroccan tiles or abstract watercolors. Swap out standard handles for mismatched knobs in pops of black or brass. The mix of patterns and finishes transforms boring bathroom storage into storage brimming with playful personality.

Tips for Customizing Trofast Storage

Part of the appeal of Trofast hacks is the chance to add personalized panache. To make the most of your custom Trofast creations, incorporate special accents that complement your unique style.

14. Get Creative with Paints and Wallpaper

Unleash creativity and have fun with paint, wallpaper and contact paper to customize Trofast components. Beyond basic colors, try painter’s tape designs, ombre dye techniques, faux finishes like wood grain or marbleizing, decoupage artwork cutouts or temporary wallpaper wraps. Mix and match prints and patterns for eclectic charm!

15. Add Wheels for Portable Storage

To expand the usefulness of a custom Trofast beyond one space, add caster wheels to the bottom of cubes. Affix wheels with L-brackets or by drilling holes. Choose lockable wheels for stationary storage or standard wheels where movability is key. This mobility hack trofast ikea lets you wheel storage anywhere it’s needed!

16. Mix and Match Parts for New Combos

The Trofast series includes open cubes, baskets, shelves, drawers, doors and hanging rails to pick and choose from. Mix components, colours and styles within a unit for the most customization capability. Bins add closed storage to open cubes. Doored cubes conceal while cubes above provide display space. Drawers maximize vertical storage. Rails hanging from a ledge offer entryway drop zones. Get creative combining elements!

17. Combine Trofast Units with Other Furniture

For even more storage solutions, try topping the Trofast stackers with flat surfaces from other furniture pieces like wooden boards, tabletops, countertops or hollow core doors cut to fit. This Ikea Trofast hack lets you expand storage up to the ceiling! Anchor pieces to the wall safely if stacking higher. The flat surface allows for additional stacked cubes underneath or alongside.

19. Label It!

Finally, customize Trofast storage further with bespoke labels that add a polished, personalized finishing touch. Create labels to organize by colour coding bins, listing contents or categories. Consider peel-and-stick vinyl for waterproof durability. For office storage, label binders and filing boxes. Use fun labels to help kids clean up toys. Get creative labelling to complete your storage vision!

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Endless Possibilities for Stylish Trofast Hacks

As you can see, the budget-friendly Trofast storage components offer almost endless options for DIY customization and storage problem-solving around the home.

By painting, restyling and embellishing the neutral components, you can create almost any style from modern Scandinavian to playful primary colors to rustic woodshop. Arrange cubes mounted on walls for a garage, stack them together for a pretty craft organizer or combine parts for a custom media console.

If you need versatile storage, but basic white cubes don’t fit your style, try one of these fun and unique Ikea Trofast hacks to transform it into a custom storage piece that matches your home’s aesthetic beautifully.

With a little effort and lots of creativity, this basic modular storage system adapts to suit any space or taste. The decor potential is only limited by your imagination! Have you created your own clever Trofast storage hacks? Share your organizing projects and Trofast transformations on social media using #trofastsolutions and #trofastikeahacks. Get inspired by other DIY’ers rocking this adaptable system in uniquely styled ways!

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